With an increase in regulatory requirements pertaining to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) when dealing with Protected Health Information (PHI), organizations are finding themselves in an uphill battle. These organizations must be able to find ways to mitigate or lower the risks involved with PHI being leaked, sold, stolen, etc., so they do not find that they are publicly disclosing a breach due to their states breach notification rules. SLATE understands how daunting the task of meeting the proper security controls can be as your organization tries to evaluate each of the HIPAA/HITECH regulatory requirements.

SLATE has been helping organizations develop and implement a roadmap to achieve compliance in the healthcare industry. We have a clear understanding of how to navigate the regulatory requirements when dealing with HIPAA/HITECH and how to deploy the appropriate controls without degrading the business processes. We work with each Business Unit to determine what state mandated compliance controls need to be in place, while putting in place the building blocks to assure a smooth transition for future growth, and while implementing the proper security controls. This is a delicate and incredibly important process for your organization. The last thing your organization needs is a violation, which can, and most likely, will affect you financially while damaging your brand name.