Law firms are becoming more and more aware of their responsibility to protect customer data – whether electronically within their information systems or while transmitting across the wire. Their main challenge is to find a balance with how much security is reasonable to implement, therefore lowering and hopefully mitigating the risk associated with data loss. This risk has increased with the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) within the workplace. Attorneys find that employees are trending to work remotely, which poses a risk to customer data loss. When dealing with sensitive customer data, such as patents, mergers, litigation information, etc., Law Firms need to way the cost of not protecting this data with the cost of the potential number of breaches and data loss. They need to ask themselves – What is the value of the data they have in their information systems?

The difficulty with securing a law firm is that it is a self-governing industry, making each organization responsible to show due care in implementing the appropriate controls, unless they tie into other industries which may open them to third party audits. SLATE has assisted law firms in providing the appropriate level of security controls without disrupting the flow of their business processes. We can assist with understanding how to develop a roadmap to securing your customers data, which includes any PII that is contained within the information system. SLATE can help determine what gaps in your security program exist and how we can work together to close them.