In the current climate of information data breaches, information leaks, insider threats, espionage, etc., it is important to evaluate and assess your organization’s security posture for weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The entry points in to organizations have increased, where in the past, organizations only worried about the border of their network. Now they must be concerned with the internal network, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and employees home network as just a start. Attempts and unauthorized access to your information system will occur, if it hasn’t already! Is your organization ready?

SLATE’s team of qualified penetration testers leverage their vast experience with Red Team engagements stemming from the Government, Commercial and Private sectors to tailor a customized assessment based on your organizational needs; Whether your organization requires a threat/vulnerability assessment or an advanced penetration test or a combination of the two. These assessments will provide insight to the potential deficiencies that your organization may have regarding weak points throughout your environment – these access points could be internal or external threats. Based on the findings, SLATE will debrief your staff and discuss the findings with all relevant data points so that you can act upon them in a timely matter and mitigate the weaknesses.